Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Valentine's Party

Rachel Hatch and I threw a little V-day party for our kids.
Gracie was still napping so Russ went to get her so she would not miss out on the fun. I love the way my kids look after they just wake up.I made heart shaped pizzas and little felt necklaces for the girls...and since I didn't know what to make for the boys and they are both in love with Astro Boy I made them Astro Boy shirts (William still try's to wear this shirt everyday). Rachel got the girls chap stick (Gracie was in heaven) and the boys got disc shooting guns. The boys played with their guns while the girls made graham cracker "love shacks".Gracie mostly just ate frosting. After we cleaned up we headed over to the Hatches for the adult dinner. Most the kids walked with Rachel, but Gracie and I drove and beat them. Here is Gracie running to meat them.We ate yummy food and played games. Some of us with kids on our laps.The boys, like always, played and played.Soon Russ was involved, he is on the bottom of the pile.And the night ended with Russ getting it right in the... Nice shot William.
It was a very fun evening. The rest of February blogging coming soon.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better now and you are SO inventive!! You should post more of your ideas so I can borrow them :)



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