Friday, May 21, 2010

Oregano burn

We have decided to try some essential oils for health stuff. Oregano is supposed to be great when you have a cold and such, but it is what they call a "hot" oil. It will irritate your skin and feel very hot so you just put it on the bottom of your feet or dilute it with coconut oil.
Well one night while the kids were in bed Russ and I were watching a movie. All of a sudden Gracie came running out into the room set something down by the piano and ran back to her room. We were both confused about what she was doing. Russ went to her and I went to see what she put by the piano. It was the bottle of oregano oil. Pretty soon her tears started and Russ and I began oiling her down like crazy with coconut oil.
It didn't take long for it to stop burning, but it was very sad and her red face afterwards was heart breaking. Lets just say that I probably won't replace the oregano oil:)


  1. Oh no! Poor thing! She should talk to Nick... he has a love/hate relationship with peppermint oil:)

  2. That's so sad. We like essential oils here, too. Never tried oregano, though. I'll have to be more careful about where I keep them, too. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. This just happened to my daughter. Most of the redness is gone, except for one spot under her eye. Did the redness eventually go away? I am worried it is scarred in that spot. it is not even the spot that made contact with the oil.

    1. All of her redness did go away. She didn't have any lasting effects.



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