Friday, September 11, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

Last Saturday was a special day because we had nothing planned. William woke me up and we went outside because it was overcast and sprinkling and I read my book on the porch swing while he ran around. This was the view

Soon Gracie and Russ joined us and we had cereal for breakfast (a special treat).

William soon started fighting all the boxes a neighbor left for us on our front porch.

It was quite entertaining and pretty loud.

He's got some pretty awesome moves.

As I sat and watched him I realized that I have a very fun little guy. I know that shouldn't be something I realize only now and I did know it before, but I guess being around him every day the changes in him a gradual and I tend to focus on the not so-nice-things rather than the fact that he is hilarious. I am trying my hardest to focus on his awesomeness - and it makes my life so much happier.

We spent the rest of the morning helping our neighbor finish up moving. All of us a little damp from natures showers and it was so fun having Gracie helping me clean and William running around entertaining everyone. I have found that one of the things I treasure most is working with my family (my family now and the family I grew up in). I am not sure why but it brings me a lot of pleasure. Maybe I can look at our next move this way and have a wonderful experience instead of a stressful one. Later in the afternoon we went to BBQ with our friends the Cox's. It cleared up enough for swimming and then after was cool enough to relax outside. Gracie was in the swing and I had to leave her for a minute and she was content to just sit there. Then I heard her laughing and looked to see this

her brother pushing her. This made my heart happy.

Lots of things made my heart happy today. Like William showing me how high he could jump on the trampoline.

and good BBQ
With good friends. William and Gracie sure like Charlie (and little Myles).

Another thing that made me happy was that I left out camera on the bench outside for the whole weekend and it still works. Whew!

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  1. Has William seen the box video? If not, I should bring it over to watch.

    It looks like he'd like it.



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