Thursday, September 10, 2009

Out of a funk

We have been in a weird funk the last month (meaning August). For example there are only 57 images in my August folder when the other months have 250 - 700 images depending on how busy they are. I just wasn't taking pictures. The kids and I were sick of and on (more on) for 4 weeks! Russ was too for some of the time. So we got really used to vegging out. The kids like this -

and I on the internet. In fact I am still struggling to break the habit of being on the computer so much. It is hard because with trying to buy a house and such there is a lot I need to be on the computer for, but sometimes it is too much. I find no matter what I am doing I feel the computer calling me to it and I don't like it.
This last weekend was nice because I didn't spend hardly any time on it and this week I have made sure the kids and I get out of the house everyday. I went to the library and got us all some books. Needless to say this week has seemed to fly by. Today I took the kids to the carousel and to see the movie UP. Oh my, was that a great movie. I got choked up quite a few times. In the beginning Gracie loudly asked if the old man was a bad guy and William (also loudly) informed her that "he's not bad, he's just grumpy." My kids have been making me smile a lot lately. I kinda feel like I have awaken from a drowsy sleep and I am renewed and refreshed and ready to be the mom and wife I want to be. Maybe getting sick every now and then is good because it leaves me felling a greater appreciation for my lovely life. So let the posting begin. I am back on schedule (whatever that means).

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