Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So there are some gradual changes that have happened with me and food over the years. And it will continue to happen. It all started with pregnancy. I wanted to eat better for the baby but I also realized that it was something that I wanted to do for myself. I have learned bits here and there about how to eat better.
I'm in no way perfect, but I try. I think I have expressed somewhere on my blog(s) that I have cut way back on meat. This happened with my last pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage. I had known that I wanted to eat less meat, but I was stuck in a routine and menu plan. With that pregnancy I wanted nothing to do with raw meat and since I was the cook I would look at my menu plan before I would go to the store and substitute a vegetable that sounded good for the meat. Then we moved in with my sister who also doesn't eat a lot of meat and now I rarely buy it and I LOVE IT. I no longer have to wash the knives and cutting boards in between items and worry about getting everything the meat juice touched disinfected. I am not a germ freak unless it comes to the meat ones that can KILL. I also spend less money on groceries - awesome. and I am eating more veggies - double awesome.
Not too long ago I stumbled upon raw diets. People who eat everything raw and don't cook anything. I was confused when I first heard of this and didn't see how it was possible, but when I learned more I became very interested. Mainly because one of the things people on raw diets claim is to have more energy. I want that. It is a huge lifestyle change (tons of props to my friend Lauren for doing it) and one neither I or my family is ready for.
This is my plan:
breakfast -
oatmeal or 1 egg in a frame - egg in a piece of spelt(half the calories and carbs) toast.
Snack -
Green smoothies (which consist of fresh fruit a leafy green and a small amount of apple juice water and flax.)
Lunch -
Whatever it is half the plate will be raw veggies
Dinner -
Again half the plate will be raw (or almost raw;) veggies. (This one will take time to build up to because I don't believe in doing things all at once, it takes time)

And drink LOTS of water.

And I am hoping to get better at doing this menu so that by the new year we are eating much healthier and it will be a breeze because we are so used to it. Lets hope. Lets alos hope that we will be in our new house with a garden and our own chickens.

Pictured is what some call cowboy caviar or Texas caviar and I add it to fresh romaine and a few chips and and dressing. It is yummy and a great way to eat half a raw meal. I will try and share other good food ideas I have.

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  1. please, more food ideas! i'm getting sick of mac and cheese. no but really, i salute you.

    good work, mom.



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