Wednesday, September 12, 2007

War...chalk? evening we were outside playing with sidewalk chalk. I went inside and when I came out I saw this. They were putting "war paint" on eachother. Willaim loved it, especially putting it on his lips (gross).

A little while later it turned into this...

And William did not want to leave Gracie out. Check out those cheeks.

A couple of funny things that William said yesterday. When Gracie cries in the car William puts her pacifier in for her and we always tell him what a good big brother he is. Well yesterday he could not reach her so I turned around and did it and William said, "you're such a big brother!" Then we drove by a truck that had a dog in the back and he said, "I can't touch that dog, he will scare me, he will woof me. See...woof,woof." I think he was trying to say he would bark at him. Funny kid.



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