Sunday, March 1, 2015

Family Pictures 2014

One of the reasons our Christmas cards looked so great was because I made the wise decision to have the talented Brittany Gurr take our pictures. I loved them all so much and had such a hard time picking favorites. 

She kept the mood so light and the kids laughing. Taking family pictures is usually so frustrating but it wasn't too bad this time. There are some genuine smiles going on here.

Oh my goodness, I love these kids. 

William looked far too much like a teenager here. It made me glad that he still likes to play and use his imagination. And give me kisses and hugs. I would be okay if he never grows out of that.

This sweet face kills me. He has the cutest voice (when he isn't whining, because then it is the exact opposite of cute) and says the cutest things.

And this cute curly girl picked all her poses and cracked me up. She is such a sweetheart.

And little Lou has pretty much been the center of our world for the last year. What would life be like without her?

Sweet sisters

And this guy? I like him a lot. When he is at work I think about him all day wishing he were there so I could talk to him about whatever I am thinking about. I love smart phones so I can easily send him messages, photos, and videos. 

I had Brittney crop the last two pictures because they are so good of Gracie and capture her personality better than any picture I have ever seen of her. She is just a whirlwind of happiness and fun.

I love this family of mine. They teach me so much and forgive me so much and I love them something fierce. 

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