Saturday, January 25, 2014

Disney after thoughts

Here are a few things I forgot to blog about Disneyland. 
The genius idea I had for Louisa's baby bed. She's not happy in this picture, we just took it right before we left so that we could remember how we did it. But when she was sleeping she was swaddled up and slept comfortably on the pillow right next to me.

This is a cute little Olaf that Gracie made after we got back. The piece of paper that is the carrot was a scrap piece of paper left over from a project I was working on it apparently she thought it looked like Olafs nose so she colored orange and made the rest to go with it.

After we got home we wrote some thank you cards for Mimi giving us such a fun time. This is Joseph contemplating what he's going to "write" in this thank you card. And this post reminded me that all of the thank you cards came back in the mail so I need to check the address and try sending them again. Sorry Mimi.

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