Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bee Sting

On September 28th the kids were playing outside and I heard Joseph crying so I went outside and saw he and Gracie trying to wash mud off their hands and feet in a little left over irrigation water. I told them to come to the hose and Joe told me he got stung by a bee. I began washing his hands and feet to try and find the sting and then noticed him picking at something by his lip. There was mud there too because of his muddy hands toughing it. I looked and saw a stinger right above the corner of his lip. I got it out but didn't suck the venom out because it was covered in mud. I washed him off and brought him inside to put on our favorite Dr. Christopher's bites and stings cream. That seemed to help him feel better but it wasn't long before I could tell he was going to swell up. This is him a little while after it happened.

After his nap I could tell it was spreading up to his eye. He wasn't having any trouble breathing and was happy as could be so I wasn't too worried about it. But I did decide to give him a little Benadryl even though it says not to give to someone his age. I had the Relief Society Broadcast to go to that night and Russ was still at work so my father-in-law watched the kids for me and Russ got there as soon as he could.

This is what he looked like when I got back (above) and when we were getting ready for bed (below).
 The video below is from when he woke up the next morning. He was so happy and funny. I was sad and worried but it was hard to show it when he was cracking me up at the same time. I called my cousin Jacie whose husband is a pharmacist to find out how much and how often we could give him Benadryl. Once we got that answer we stated him on that and by the end of the day he was so much better.
 A day or two later you couldn't even tell it had been swollen.
I set up an appointment with an allergy dr. where we found out he has a 4 out of 5 allergy for honey bee. We will get an Epie pen just in case a future sting is more than a localized reaction. Obviously I hope it never comes to that, but just in case.
 I was so glad to find out he didn't have any food allergies. He tends to get dry skin and rashes a lot but now I know it is just that, sensitive skin.

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