Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Me and some of the other wives of PT students have gotten together and made a rotating preschool for our kiddos. I think this is a great idea and yesterday was the first day. I was not able to take him so our good friend Brit did. He cried when she dropped him off, but I guess calmed down and had fun. Look how cute he is with his Marlin backpack.

I had to take Gracie to the doctor to get her shots. This is always a really hard thing for me to do because I know that they are good and have gotten rid of many terrible diseases, but I also think that they are harmful to some children. So I sit there in the doctors office and pray and pray that they will not have a negative reaction in Gracie. Hopefully I made the right decision. Man - being a parent is hard.
She was pretty mad and she bled with one of them, which of course made it worse for me. I fed her right after and she calmed down and went to sleep when we got home. When she woke up later she was pretty mad, but finally calmed down. She even smiled and talked to me, she is such a sweetie.


  1. So cute! We really need to come visit you guys! Maybe this winter break....

  2. How is William doing now with preschool? Kayla loves it and so do I!!!



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