Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fun Saturday

So this saturday my brother Mark and his fiance Ashley were in town and went to Peter Pipper Pizza with us. We had a lot of fun but only got pictures with William and his good friend Spider Man.

Later that afternoon we gave William a much needed haircut. It started out good, but soon he had hair on his hands and rubbed it all over his face and eyes. He was soon saying over and over agian, "we don't want to have a haircut." It was pretty sad.

Then I went to the Women Confrence broadcast at the church. Unfortatly I thought that it started at 5:30, but it actually started at 5:00. AndI was late anyway because I had to feed Gracie before I left. At any rate I got there for the last talk by President Monson. Let me just say I love Presisdent Monson! I love all the general authorities, but this talk really lifted me up. I love being a woman in this church. I love that I feel appreciated for the things that I do and am encouraged to always be bettering myself. I have never felt chastized or put down, only lifted up. My spirit was totally uplifted that night and I am so glsd I got there for at least part of it and this has made me soooo excited for confrence.

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