Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Utah Trip

William and I got back from our Utah trip yesterday. It was only for the weekend and was a long drive for a pregnant woman and a two year old, but it was fun. We went with my mom and dad and sister. I didn't take a lot of pictures but oh well. We were able to go to a cousins wedding reception and see my other cousins little girl play Cosette in Les Miserable in Salt Lake. She did a wonderful job and the whole cast was great. I really love Les Mis so I was glad I was able to do that. We also just got to chill and see a lot of family we don't normally get to see. This is William hanging out with my aunt and uncles kitty. He really likes cats, especially ones that will let him pet them (which he says "pep um").
As soon as we got to our hotel he started bouncing on the bed and then looked at me and said, "it's too hard." I agree with him, it was too hard. William was also pretty excited because he got to sleep in the bed with me. He has only slept by me when we went camping. I was not sure it would work and I was pretty restless waking up every now and then to make sure he wasn't going to fall off the bed, but he slept just fine.
Here is William waiting for the light rail to come. He was sooo excited to ride the train. I wish we had one were we live.

William has learned to count objects up to 10. When he would do it we would clap for him and he would clap for himself. His excitement was so intense that he could not keep his mouth closed. Anyway, it was a fun trip and I am glad we got to go.

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  1. You went to Robert's wedding right? I wish I could have gone. How is everyone? I can't believe you made that drive for a weekend. I wouldn't have made it. I can barely stand the drive from Tucson to Gilbert.



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