Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day to Day

Here is some pictures of Russ and I making Sunday dinner. I like it when Russ cooks with me. He makes everything more fun.

William has been eyeing his first Halloween costume for a long time, but whenever I ask him if he wants to put it on he says, "no". Then I showed him a picture of him wearing it a few years ago and he decided he wanted it on. It is kind of snug and kind of warm, but isn't he adorable?

Flashback - William for Halloween 2005 (almost 1 year old)


  1. Dibbs, you are so freakin' cute prego! are you smaller with this one than with Willy? you look like you haven't gained a pound. (except the belly of course) I am jealous!!

  2. Your right, I don't think I am as big with this one as I was with William. I was bigger before I got pregnant with this one, but I have not gained a lot of weight.

  3. Only someone as adorable as William can pull of wearing pooh bear pants up to his calves. He is so cute and getting so big. And you look adorable with your little belly. You are a cute pregnant! About the b-day party, mean it's for Connie, Lauren and Jennie right? Hello....August 22 ring a bell? I'm kidding:) okay so i'm not. No really, it sounds fun and i havn't seen everybody for soooo long. I know I have to get that book, I've just never been one for fiction novels. I read all kinds of self-help or spiritual stuff, but I guess when it comes to entertainment, i'd just rather watch a movie. But i have heard a lot about this book so I guess I will go get it.

  4. I don't like you anymore because you are too skinny! Seriously, is there even a baby in there? Are you guys gonna be in Gilbert for Father's Day. We are coming this weekend and Megan (Brandon's wife) is having a baby shower on Saturday. I think she has the same due date as you. If you guys are up we should hang out.



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