Monday, March 5, 2007

William the Baller

We are very proud of our little boy for being such a patient, persistent, dedicated and passionate little ball player. Those words aren't usually used to describe a two year old but for those who have seen him play basketball you know that they actually fit him perfectly. He will try something over and over until he gets it and once he gets it he will keep practicing until he can get it consistantly. Just recently, I raised his hoop to about 4 1/2 feet above his head and though he doesn't make it every time, he doesn't get frustrated and just keeps trying. He's got a little free throw line from which he sets up and has a routine before shooting it. His routine usually consists of just making sure that the "Wilson" on his basketball faces him while he shoots. It's pretty freaking cute. Watch out NBA.

ps He really likes Steve Nash. We didn't teach him specifically about Steve Nash but he has heard his name from being in the room while SUNS games are on. I guess he's got good taste in favorite basketball players.

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