Monday, March 5, 2007

Here is Russ adjusting William's bike before he goes for a "ride". He is still learning and does better on his friend's bike than his own, but he is getting there. William is such a good helper.

Luckily he loves his helmet so that is not a fight.

Here are my cute boys making funny faces.

Russ wanted to try sardines. Don't ask because I don't know why. He says he wants to try new things. He ate one and then we gave the rest to our friend with cats.

Too cute! We love our boy! I was thinking today about how much I love him (I do that a lot) and I was thinking about how he learns something new everyday and that is not an exaggeration. Today he learned what a branch is and the difference between his pointer and pinky finger. He got it mixed up and called it a porker finger. Today he was sitting at lunch and out of nowhere I heard him say "I love you". I am not sure if he was saying it to me or just working on his speach, but it was cute just the same.

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