Friday, November 3, 2006

Young's Farm Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin patch in a place called Dewey, which is near Prescott. I told my sister and my Mom the day before and mentioned that they should come too. They and my brother Clint came and brought his son Bryant and my mom brought my other neice Veah. William was sooo happy to see his cousins.

This is William cleaning off the dirty pumpkin.

William on the pony ride that he enjoyed very much.

This was William's favorite part of the whole day, riding the train. I think he did it like five times.

He loved having Aunt Connie there. If either her or my Mom walked too far away, he would start yelling their name. I think he did not want them to get lost.

It was a very fun day but by the end we were all very tired. This is on the way out, William held on to those gatorade bottles for a long time. It comforts him to hold things, especially when he is tired.

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