Sunday, November 5, 2006

A weekend in the Valley

Last weekend we went to the valley. Well, I went to the Valley and Russ went to Dallas for a Physical Therapy conference of some sort. I stayed at my Mom's and we went to see my new baby niece Anna. So sweet, huh?

After we left the hospital we went to a Chinese restaurant with my mom and dad and Connie. They had a fountain with fish and William was fascinated. He was very obedient, but it took everything in him not to touch those fish.

We went to my parents trunk-or-treat and William went as my wee little leprechaun, if you couldn't already tell. I made this costume because there were only two leprechaun costumes that I could find online and they both sucked, so there you have it.

We also celebrated William's 2nd birthday a couple days early when Russ came home on Sunday. William had a traditional Huston 2 year old train cake, which went well because he is obsessed with trains. He also got some books...

Some bubbles that he loved...

and a brand new bike from Connie and Grandma and Grandpa Huston. He still has not learned to ride it yet, but he loves it anyway.

It was a very tiring, but very fun weekend.

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