Saturday, June 14, 2014

What Loula loves

She loves playing in water. She doesn't even care if it's cold.

She loved my apple so much she would cry if I took it away from her face.

She loved the puppy, Thor, that we were sitting so much that she sat straight up in this bouncer when he walked by.
She loved chewing on all my foam brushes (they were clean) while I cleaned out my sewing room.
She LOVED sitting up in the cart like a big girl (she could only do it because of the strap).
She loved when I thought the white stuff in the tupperware was yogurt and fed it to her (it was really sour cream that Russ was going to take to work).
She loves falling asleep in my arms and playing with my neck when she does. She is the only person I let touch my neck.
She finally stayed asleep at grandmas house and took a little nap.
She loves wiggling and rolling around so much that she nearly fell on her little head. I guess that's what the straps are there for.

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