Friday, December 7, 2012

Evening in Excellence

Last week we had Evening in Excellence and it was amazing. We used the part of the theme for the year which is "standard for the nations" and then tacked on the questions, "where will you go?". We talked about the new curriculum for the youth (I am so excited for this!), aiming high and reaching our potential, and being disciples of Christ.
Angela found these perfect globe ornaments and I brought all my maps.
Angela also did all the design work and it was perfect.
I got an old road atlas at the thrift store and tore out the pages to use as place mats.
That is a pen in that little arrow right there. For taking notes.

I also borrowed my neighbors globe collection (like I did this time) and it was perfect.

We had a baked potato/salad bar and had someone make us really yummy cupcakes. 

Here are all my girls (a few are missing) and they are all so wonderful. 
This is with the leaders too. I love the women I get to serve with. I feel really, really lucky.
Mimi made an amazing video with the help of Brooke and Shelby and I love it so much. She did such an amazing job and I made the mistake of putting my speaking part after the video. Needless to say I bawled through my whole talk. They probably all think I am nuts. But I love this gospel! I love these girls! And that makes me cry.


  1. I love the map place mats. So cute. But from you, I wouldn't have expected any less.

  2. I was just thinking how lucky these girls are to have you for their leader.



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