Thursday, March 5, 2009

F Minus

Do you read comics? Do you read the funniest one?
We happen to know the author of the comic strip F Minus but I promise that is not why we think his is the funniest comic out there. It just is.

Last Saturday Changing Hands bookstore was having a super hero day and Tony (the genius behind F Minus) was going to be there. So William got is his Superman jammies and we all went - including Connie. The had all sorts of mad scientist stuff going on there. William loved the dry ice. I loved when Tony drew our whole family super hero style. I seriously love this picture so much.

He also drew a rad picture of Connie

If you want to hear more about that, you can read her blog. You can read Tony's blog and there are other links to other cool things there - like reading his daily comics. We got his book and have enjoyed having it very much and I may have gotten the biggest laugh from the introduction (have you read it Scott?)

Russ and I sat down and decided on our top five from the book so I could post it here, but I can't find them online and my Internet is going too slow to keep looking.


  1. I didn't get a good look at your picture. Russ looks awesome!

  2. Tony is one amazing guy. I know when Jonathan is reading his comic because he laughs uncontrolably. Love the picture of you and your family.



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