Monday, May 14, 2007

Thank Heaven for good books

So starting Wednesday (the day we left to go camping) I had what felt like a UTI or bladder infection. For those of you who don't know what that feels like, it feels like you have to pee really bad all the time and kinda burns when you do. I stopped by the lab on our way out of town to leave a sample so the Doc. could figure out what it was and get me some medicine. I must say I handled camping pretty well. Mainly because I would ignore the urge to go. Friday came and we went to see Thomas a still I did pretty dang good. The doctor called and said that my results were normal. What? Then what was I feeling like this for? Oh well. But then we got home Friday night and it started to hurt, a lot worse. I spent a lot of time laying down and reading the book I am re-reading right now. I was able to sleep that night but woke up Saturday feeling pretty crappy. Russ had a lot of homework he had to get done so he took off to the library and I called the after hours doc. When she said that she had no idea what it could be and that it might just be pregnancy pain, I called Russ in tears and he came home. I knew this wasn't just pregnancy pain, because I have that all the time. I drove myself to the E.R. and they sent me up to labor and delivery and I left a sample and continued to read. It helped me because even though I was very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain it gave me something else to think about. When the lab came back they said there was a lot of blood in my urine even though I could not see it. They gave me a prescription for bladder infection and told me to come back if the pain got worse, because it might be stones!I knew that it most likely was because I was already feeling worse, but I went home anyway. There I just laid on the bed and rolled around unsuccessfully trying to get comfortable and rid myself of the pain. Then Russ took me back to the E.R. and of course and soon as I was at the check out counter my pain was almost completely gone. I was confused but I was staying, because I knew once I got home it would come back. So again I lay in bed waiting to have an ultrasound to see if there were any stones and Russ needed to take W home and feed him so there I was with my book and a huge glass of cranberry juice.Mmmmmm. So there I read until I had to go to the bathroom and when I went, sure enough there was a little stone in the toilet. I told the nurse and she said it looked like it. So then I just had to wait and wait to go home and again luckily I had my book. So everything is fine now and I have passed a kidney stone. The pain was bad, but not worse than labor. The baby is fine and I feel mostly okay, except the medicine I have to take makes me kinda sick, oh well.
So anyway this fabulous, wonderful, and mesmerizing book that saved me from boredom was none other than Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. I suggest it to everyone. I have already read it and its sequel, New Moon, and decided that I blew through them too fast to really enjoy them. So now I am reading them again and suggesting them to anyone else who reads this blog. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Oh my!! I'm still applauding you for going camping while pregnant! But to be pregnant, passing a stone and sleeping on an air mattress in the forest- that's impressive!

  2. I have to go out and get this book because you are the like the 3rd or 4th person that I've heard about it from.

  3. i guess i have to go and get this book. You are like the 4th person i have heard about this from.

  4. Alexis Finished the books oh my it was so funny. While she was reading, mostly New Moon she would get so worked up and I would stop her and say lets talk it out. But the little cheat opened up to the back of the book and peaked at the first chapter of Eclipse before she ever even began reading. I think it probably saved her from going crazy.



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