Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Our New Home

Here we are in our new town. It is beautiful here. I wonder how long it will take for us to walk outside, smell the fresh air, and not feel like we are camping.
This is a view from our drive way. That is Mt. Elden you see behind those trees. Beautiful - just beautiful.

We went to our ward on Sunday. It was cool. There seems to be a lot of nice people there and it turns out that two of Mama C's cousins are in our ward. We had no idea.
William did great in nursery for awhile - they have awesome toys, I think Russ was jealous - but I did have to go in there and hang out for a while. On the way out he hit his head and got an instant goose egg. It was his first so it kind of freaked me out, but now it is just a big nasty bruise on his head.

We have been having troubles with finacial aid giving us enough loans. By the way I think that we are the first poeple I have ever heard of to have this problem. As far as I knew, the easiest thing for a student to get is student loans, but I guess not at this school. Russ is meeting with his department chair tomorow and hopefully it will all be worked out soon. It has been a head ache.

The weather here is beautiful!!! It is hard to believe it is August. Our high yesterday was 77. What? I think that it has rained almost everyday since we have been here and the rain will last for a little while, usually under an hour and then the sun will come out. William probaly saw rain once in his life while we were in Valley and I don't think that he quite understood it. These are pictures of me and him in the cold rain today and he loved it.

William has been quite the little busy body. He is talking up a storm and tries to repeat almost everything (kinda scary). He calls our house "home" whenever we pull up. That makes me feel good. And why wouldn't he love it. There are lots of places for him to jump, its not too hot to play outside, and there are rocks everywhere!

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